Nissan has been the leader in the car market in India when it comes to making budget cars with a tinge of sport in it. Nissan has always been known for its segment of sports cars, making stunning and unparalleled sports cars, the company has built itself a brand name. In a country like India, the Nissan cars have prospered in the automobile sector right from its landing on the soil. This has been possible because of the wise and deft car manufacturing skills of the company; the company now has built an established and reliable name in the country. The company’s all-time-favourite compact SUV, Nissan Terrano rules the streets, as well as, the hearts of the customers in the country.


This compact SUV is available in petrol as well as, diesel variants, the engine of this car varies with the fuel variants. The petrol engine is 1.6 L engine and the diesel engine is a 1.4 L engine. Both the engines come with a 6-speed manual as well as, automatic transmission. The engines have decent power and do have a good efficiency.


The design of this car is something on which Nissan has worked with precision.

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The exterior of this is designed to perfection by the company. The grille at the front comprises of the chrome strips and the trapezoid chrome in the overall design. The headlamps are dual-barrel bold square headlamps that go with the overall chiseled front. The wheels are flared alloy wheels that give the car a more distinct and dynamic look, unlike many other cars by Nissan. The rear of the car looks muscular and has traces of chrome at the back to give it a premium finish along with the rugged and tough look.


The inside of the Nissan Terrano is equally good. The interior of the car is of dual tone shades of beige and brown. The cabin is pretty spacious and has ample of legroom, shoulder room, of course, the headroom for being an SUV. The car has an infotainment system aligned in the front of the dashboard, there are standard AC vents on the bottom of the infotainment system. The interior of the car has a leather finish to give the car a premium finish and the company has indeed succeeded in that.


The performance of this car is good, but above average when comes to other compact SUVs that fall in the same price range. The car has a decent horsepower of 85 and 110 bhp depending on the variant. It has a high torque of 145 NM. The car reaches from 0 to 100 km/h in just a matter of 8.2 seconds. The car offers a different mileage depending on the fuel variants and the usage that ranges from 13 to 20 km/l.


Nissan Terrano Price varies with the model and ranges from 10 to 15 lac INR depending on the model and the colours. The car is available in Brown, Black, Grey, Silver, White, and Red.