Nissan Terrano – Rule the streets

Nissan has been the leader in the car market in India when it comes to making budget cars with a tinge of sport in it. Nissan has always been known for its segment of sports cars, making stunning and unparalleled sports cars, the company has built itself a brand name. In a country like India, the Nissan cars have prospered in the automobile sector right from its landing on the soil. This has been possible because of the wise and deft car manufacturing skills of the company; the company now has built an established and reliable name in the country. The company’s all-time-favourite compact SUV, Nissan Terrano rules the streets, as well as, the hearts of the customers in the country.


This compact SUV is available in petrol as well as, diesel variants, the engine of this car varies with the fuel variants. The petrol engine is 1.6 L … Read More

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